Using Data to Drive Holiday/Special Operations

Thursday November 24, 2022

The holiday season is officially here, and for club operators, that means added stress in nearly every aspect of your business. Will you have the staff you need to provide the service your members and guests expect? Should you open earlier or later than usual? Do football games and World Cup soccer matches mean specials, promotions, advertising dollars, extra seating or new televisions? Should you offer a special menu for the winter holidays? Should you even open your doors at all?

My goodness, look at all these questions. If you’re not armed with advanced, unbiased data to help you make decisions, you might leave money on the table, or worse, disappoint some of your best customers and employees. 59club USA’s survey tools can simplify your holidays by providing you and your team unbiased insight into what your members, guests and staff need for a successful and fun Holiday.

Let’s look at a few examples.  

Special operations for special days

While many Americans use the holiday season to connect with friends and family over dinner and discussion, there are still thousands – especially empty nesters – who spend the day at your club. Using 59club USA survey tools, managers can identify what is most important for members who will dine at the club like special menu items, special holiday hours, or the ability to host large groups.

Once you’ve made a decision based on data collected from members and their guests, it’s now time to figure out if you’ll need extra staff to accomplish your goals. Who has availability to work and who would rather spend time with family that day? If you’re opening earlier than usual, will the same opening staff still be able to make it?

This type of actionable survey data eliminates the guess work and puts you and your managers in the best position to succeed.

Capitalizing on Data

For a while, the World Cup was in full swing, and for Americans, it’s was first time in nearly a decade to see the Red, White and Blue on soccer’s biggest stage. With the tournament hosted in Qatar – eight hours ahead of EST – many of the games were played much earlier than what we would consider a “normal” starting time.

To inquire about demand for the games, a daily fee club manager used 59club USA survey tools to figure out if his customers and guests have an interest. They do. A lot! In fact, it was shaping up to be one of the biggest F&B days of the year and his club didn’t know if they would have enough tabletops to host everyone and the two TVs in the restaurant aren’t nearly up to standard. Now what?

Obviously, capitalizing on customer experience may require capital expenditure, but the best in the world do what they need to ensure their customers have an even better experience than they originally expect. The difference between making monetary sacrifices for big events might be the difference between retaining a member or not. And as we know, it’s always easier to retain a customer than find a new one. Easier and cheaper.

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