It costs 5-6 times more to recruit a new customer than it does to retain an existing one! Any business needs to know what its customers think, what they want and what their future intentions are, the golf & club industry is no different.

Some venues may conduct a ‘one off annual survey’ to their members but don’t follow this up, whilst others may conduct a ‘member exit survey’ which is way too late.
The links in the middle that measure member integration, and customer satisfaction are the factors that see successful clubs thrive. It’s about measuring customer experience from their initial Inquiry or starting point right through to their integration or departure.
Clubs who adopt these simple strategies see better member retention rates and more repeat visitors than those who fail to ask; as the perception is that they don’t care or value their customers opinions!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates
  • New Member Integration Survey: Golf / Social
  • Member Retention Survey: Golf / Social
  • Member Exit Survey: Golf / Social
  • Beauty Treatment Survey
  • Spa Day Experience Survey
  • Corporate / Society Group Golf Day Organizer Survey
  • Golf Visitor Experience Survey
  • Customer Service Tracker
  • Bespoke Survey