Providing valuable tools to measure, improve and maintain service standards

59club was established in 2007, and is now a market leader providing Custom mystery shopper performance measurement programs for the Golf, Social, Spa, Events, F&B and Hotel Industries.

The founder of the company, Simon Wordsworth, has a wealth of experience having worked in the sector for many years at one of the worlds’ most renowned Golf and Social resorts. At the heart of our operations is an established and dedicated team of professionals who all bring a vast amount of experience from the Golf, Social & Events industry, most of whom have worked at Senior Management or Directorship level. This knowledge allows for a true understanding of your business needs and the difference customer service excellence can make to your reputation.

Our Objective

The ultimate objective of 59club is to provide venues with valuable management tools to measure, improve and then maintain standards of customer service, in turn increasing visitor and member retention. The end result being a boost to customer satisfaction, revenues and profits.

A recent study showed that nearly 90% of customers are dissatisfied with the levels of service they receive in the Golf & Resort industries. Further statistics indicate that most of these customers would gladly pay to play or join another golf/Social club that provided better levels of customer service, even if the facilities were not as good.

This proves that customer service has to be at the forefront of a venues strategy in conducting business.

“No Customers = No Business”

Venues should not only concentrate on meeting their customers’ needs, but try at every opportunity to exceed them. In today’s world, competition is harder than ever and if your club is failing to deliver, there are many more companies out there who are ready to fill your void. Once you lose a customer to poor service, they are likely never to return.

This is why 59club was created. It’s the only Golf and hospitality-specific benchmarking tool in the industry that allows you to not only analyze your own club’s service standards, but also compare your results to the industry standard, elite performing clubs and competitor venues of your choice – a great way to measure how well you are performing in the market.

“Can you afford not to know how good or bad you are? Your competitors will already know!”