Tuesday March 31, 2020

59club USA announced today they will offer additional complimentary COVID-19-specific survey templates amid the ongoing global crisis. Additional survey templates include two direct-member communication surveys – dependent on whether the respective facility is currently open or closed for business – as well as two golf instruction templates also dependent on the current state of the respective business. Golf clubs and other hospitality venues may use the complimentary survey tools to communicate directly to their membership and identify member and guest needs through May 31, 2020.

“We’re doing everything we can to empower those in our industry that have been so greatly affected by the pandemic,” said Mike Kelly, managing partner, 59club USA. “These special COVID-19 survey templates include insightful questions covering all aspects of a venue’s professional services. Right now, it is absolutely imperative club managers open efficient and consistent communications channels with their members and guests to accurately identify their needs to plan and respond accordingly.”

The complimentary COVID-19 survey tools now include four specialized and unique approaches to direct member communication including “club member: facility open,” “club member: facility closed,” “golf instruction: facility open,” and “golf instruction: facility closed.” These surveys accurately reflect the differences between clubs in different regions across the country which have adopted different rules based on their specific circumstances.

59club’s proprietary survey tools enable club managers to identify member and guest needs, strengthen customer retention and recognize a clear direction on ways to improve the overall experience at their respective clubs. 59club will provide specific COVID-19 survey templates as part of their complimentary offering of the survey tool. Managers and decision makers can use this service to pick and choose from pre-set questions already available within the platform, and/or choose to add custom questions of their own. The ability to gather data from one’s own members and make direct comparisons based on the current situation facing the industry will provide clarity and vision on a global scale when its needed most.

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